The Research Loop is built to be a simple and intuitive solution to provide patients and caregivers an opportunity to add their voices to the research process.   Anyone can come to the website, and take a look at the varied resources and educational materials.  For those who have read a published research article and want to give feedback, they simply fill out a short registration form to join.  Once the registration is complete, they can enter the Offer Feedback to Researchers page where they are asked to fill out a form with their feedback.  After submitting their feedback, it is reviewed to ensure it meets feedback guidelines and is then provided to researchers with an introduction letter explaining The Research Loop.

Patients and caregivers are prompted to offer feedback on their overall impression of the study, how the study has impacted their care or work, the study’s design methods and conclusions, and future research ideas.  They are also given the opportunity to comment more generally on the study.  Patients and caregivers can enter any amount of feedback they wish to provide.  The Research Loop encourages those giving feedback to use the educational materials to learn more about research in order to improve their feedback but believes that all levels of feedback are valuable.

An example of the introduction letter researchers will receive can be found in Appendix A.  Example feedback on a research article can be found in Appendix B.

To download a full copy of The Research Loop White Paper or find links to other sections, including the reference section, click here.