Here at The Research Loop, we want to give patients a voice in research and part of that includes education of both patients and researchers.

Patient Education:

By educating the public we hope that more people will get in engaged in research and can offer feedback to researchers.  Take a look at some of our materials below.

  • Learn about The Linear Research Process The Research Loop hopes to change this process by adding the patient and caregiver voice.  See our About page to see how.

  • Understanding the basics of How to Read a Research Paper and the essentials of Evaluating a Research Paper will help patients and caregivers as they review research articles before submitting their feedback.

  • See the different Areas of Research that patients and caregivers can explore to expand the possibilities of involvement in research.

  • Read about the various Levels of Research to start to see how in bio-medical research there are different aspects of research that all impact health and healthcare.

  • Before a paper is published it usually undergoes a Peer Review Process. Learning how this process works can help patients and caregivers understand the wider research process.
Researcher Education:

More and more, patients and caregivers are getting involved in research.  Below are resources to help understand why researchers should welcome the patient voice.

Other Resources:
  • We realize that research articles may be hard to find.  But we’ve put together this resource on Where to Find Research Articles to help you start searching.

  • Beyond The Research Loop there are many Other Ways to Get Involved in Research – from initiatives to have patients and caregivers included in all stages of research to becoming participants in research or clinical trials.